My approach is grounded in brief psychodynamic models of treatment. I believe that therapy can help make us conscious of the adjustments we have made to cope with our life circumstances and can shine a light on new possibilities towards greater authenticity.

I am also certified in EMDR and rely on it when appropriate to make meaning out of trauma or allow clients to move past memories that can hold them captive.

I continually seek to improve my own utility as a therapist, and I read voraciously towards that end. My understanding of psychology, sociology, and social work provide not only a foundation for understanding client struggles, but also a basis from which to conceptualize growth and solutions.

While skills and knowledge are critical to clinical practice, passion and curiosity are also requisite qualities for entering the profession. When I think about the path I have chosen, I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to add meaning and value to the lives of my clients.

North Carolina Licensed Clinical Social Worker #C008517